User acquisition does not have to be
expensive OR hard.
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Outstanding reliability & control
with new "Multiple Carriers" feature

No more fallback solutions

We expose two global SMS & Voice providers that can be set in round-robin fashion, so that a second attempt to verify the same number in less than 5 minutes will use the fallback provider.

Both big telecom partners, both highly reliable.

Have control over each user

Monitor success & cost analytics in real time and choose which of our SMS & Voice providers to use primarily.

Now you have the tools you need to control cost and success rate directly from our web console.


4 verification products
to build the perfect sign-up flow

01. Missed call

This simple but powerful verification is made by intercepting a missed call from a random number allowing you to verify a user with a seamless user experience that removes the pin-entry on Android and reduces signup friction. Using {{::appName}} SDKs you can integrate Missed Call verification with just a few lines on code.

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02. Strong SMS verification at affordable rates

What makes our SMS verification stronger than our competitors in the "Multiple Carrier" support which allows {{::appName}} to expose to you two different global SMS providers. Configure them in round-robin fashion for fallback or whether which of them to be setup as "Primary SMS Provider" on each country based on real time analytics of cost and success rate.

It's like integrating two different highly reliable companies to handle your SMS verification.
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03. Voice call

Whether you want to add a more personal touch to your verification flow, or simply to have an alternative for your users besides SMS, {{::appName}}'s rich voice verification will do the trick.

We support more than 14 languages in which you can customize your IVR message, many of them with male & female voice options.
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04. Caller ID

This is the reverse of missed call: The user receives a random number to call. User places a call to this number that reaches {{::appName}} servers. We immediately hangup the call and get the user's phone number in the process.

Though not as popular as Missed Call, it is a good method to use as an alternative to SMS, Voice call & Missed CAll and can be easily setup as backup solution.

Complementary products

SMS Messaging API

One Time Password

Use our SMS messaging product to send one-time passwords via text message to your users for increased security.

Better delivery

Carrier networks can be volatile - which is why our Multiple Carrier SupportTM feature makes sure you always have the fastest and most secure alternative routes.

Bulk Messaging

Integrate via {{::appName}}'s SMS API to broadcast messages to all if your users for events, app invites, location sharing, etc. Accelerate app discovery by sending download links directly to mobile phones or allow users to share the app via text messaging.

Voice API

Voice Broadcasting Messages

Send personalized voice messages to your customers. Use our Voice API to build apps as auto dialers notification systems, or even phone surveying tools for political campaigns.

Two factor authentication

Secure your online transactions by adding two-factor authentication easily to your user flow on any web or mobile application. With just a few line of code, {{::appName}} can send secure one-time passwords to your users via a voice call.

IVR Phone Menu

Use our Voice API to build powerfull interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Customize and automate call flows with an intelligent call logic that suits your business needs. Coming soon!

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